Sunday, May 13, 2007

Raving Loonatics

Sometimes, I'll come across something so goofy that I need to buy it. This was one of those tapes. I found it in a thrift store. It combines three things: Rave Music, Superheroes, and Sermons. The entire tape is rave music with clips of sermons mixed in (and I thought I invented this genre with my Canned Peaches project!)

The concept of the "band members" and the artwork is just plain silly. It looks like four superheroes on the cover. What's even more rediculous is their names: MC Luvthelord, Good Guy Guy, DJ Bonus Beats, and Rolf the German Loopmeister. Although I understand that Christian music of any genre (even death metal) aims to create a wholesome, religious alternative to the mainstream, these names sound like they were created by some 50 year old losers who failed miserably to understand the rave scene in the 1990s (Rave in a barn? See the insert!)

In my opinion, the entire tape is unlistenable. But the album artwork is definately something to behold!

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