Monday, January 17, 2011

My New Camera!

Here's me playing with my new camera! I found it in the middle of the road. What surprises me is that it hadn't yet been crushed by a passing vehicle. It's a Sony Cybershot Model DSC-W210. You can buy one on Ebay for around $100.

So, I'm officially going to review this camera...

- It was free!
- Carrying case smells like a woman's purse
- Charger cost me $4 (including shipping) from Ebay
- Came with pictures!

- Camera is made by Sony
- Camera is pink
- Carrying case is purple
- Motorized lens cover needed lubricating
- Uses Sony's proprietary media card
- Came with Justin Bieber concert footage

I generally hate Sony products, but I don't mind FREE Sony products especially when I needed a new digital camera anyway. The pink doesn't bother me much, but I have to get a new case for it.

Anyway, you're not reading this post for my review on some crappy camera. You're here to see what's on the media card! Here's a few select pictures which I found interesting...

The purple camera case is in her left hand:

Camera case at another angle:

Humping a statue (can anyone name him?):

Baby boy wearing a bra:

Baby boy picking his nose:

Dead guy posing with bicycle:

Hideous woman with made-up tween:

Something for all you pedophiles (there was a whole series of these):

...and why Justin Bieber is NOT COOL:

I mean, look at him! He's wearing his purple baseball cap backwards while playing guitar inside a giant heart. If I were him, I'd jump my ass OUT of that heart and splatter myself onto the stage below. There is absolutely NOTHING more feminine than this! Give him a couple of years, and he's going to be a crack-smoking, washed-up has-been selling real estate. Enjoy the ride, Bieber! Your days are numbered...

Monday, January 10, 2011

World's Greatest Television Evangelists

If I ever need to find great examples of finger-pointing, all I have to do is look at the world of religion. So many people call themselves Christians, and seem to enjoy pointing their fingers at other Christians who aren't being Christian enough. All Christians seem to be professionals at what good Christian behavior is, and have no fear of pointing out Christians who behave wrongly.

Now that I've had my thought for the month, let me present to you one of the greatest Christian videos ever released...

The Blood & The Dead

Sounds like a horror film, doesn't it? The truth is, it's one of the greatest comedy films I've ever had the pleasure of watching! This videocassette contains some of the greatest moments in tel-evangelist history (aside from the Jimmy Swaggart mess). There are so many great and hilarious moments all brought together into a laughable documentary created by another Christian group who are probably jealous because of their piss-poor attendance levels. So, to draw in more members, why not show how every other church is wrong?

They probably didn't get permission to use these video clips in this fantastic video, but I don't really give a shit because this stuff is gold!

Now, watch these two videos and learn why you should abandon all religion and take up something with more purpose, like collecting Hummels...