Friday, August 17, 2007

The Digital Recorder Drunks

This was an interesting find, and it's even interesting how I came across it. I was driving down a nearby back lane, and I came across some CD Jewel cases in the trash. Now, these are the larger kind which can have front and back inserts. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to grab them, since the CD-Rs I buy don't come with them (anymore) by default. These cases were in a CD holder which was sitting in a box. So I grabbed the whole CD holder, and I noticed something else that was sitting in the box. It looked like a garage door opener, but a bit more of an examination informed me that it was something else. So I grabbed it anyway and figured I'd look at it more when I got home.

So anyway, I got it home and took a closer look. It looked like a digital voice recorder which is used for recording memos and things. To verify, I looked it up online and sure enough, it's a digital recorder - an RCA Model RP-5810A. It will record for 10 minutes, up to 99 tracks. Pretty cool! I couldn't really understand why someone would throw something like this away, unless it was broken.

So, I put two AA batteries in, and it turned on! I pressed play, and was able to hear what the previous owner(s) had recorded onto it. Basically, it's a bunch of drunken idiots who had nothing better to do than cuss, sing, and talk about each other's "corn pipe".

The unfortunate thing about this digital recorder is it didn't come with an audio output jack on it. So I took it to the garage and installed one! And for you the audience, I have taken the liberty of putting the audio onto the internet for all to enjoy :)

Click here to listen!

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Anonymous said...

I found one of thewe recorders too. How do I erase everything that's on it? It says it's full