Sunday, October 18, 2009

TV Commercials from 1987

I couldn't figure out anything interesting to write about, so I just uploaded a bunch of TV ads from 1987 to Youtube. Some of these are classics, while others just plain suck. Let's have a look:

This Sugar Crisp ad was pretty boring and unmemorable. The only thing I learn is that Sugar Bear is an egotistical dick who thinks he's the best looking bear in the world, and eats the kids' cereal. What an asshole.

Not sure how memorable this Mr. Big ad is, but the giant ghetto blaster is pretty cool. I can't figure out how the hell that guy got the massive cassette inside since there seemed to be no room for it in the 30-second commercial.

I bought this album brand new on LP way back when it was released (it's long gone now). It was the first Mini Pops album what was released on Quality records after K-Tel went tits up. It did include the lyric sheet which had a very memorable typo in the lyrics to Daydream Believer:

I could hide, 'neath the wings
Of the bluebird as she sings
The six o'clock alarm
Would never end

I actually own the first four Mini Pops albums (the Christmas Album inclusive). The ad says that Magic Jukebox may be their best album yet. I disagree, it was pretty crappy. The first album they put out was the best.

I think this Smarties commercial qualifies as a classic, and the brilliant ad campaign made every kid's favorite color red. Smarties seemed to have a lot of interesting campaigns in the 1980s, which included the new BLUE smartie. The funny thing is, no matter what color the smarties are, they all taste exactly the same. Funny how food dye can make a product new and interesting.

Forget about buying an expensive universal gym and wasting money on a gym membership, all you need is a slinky attached to stirrups and a bicycle handle! Look how this fat guy lost weight, and how buff that other dude is, all by using the gut trimmer!

My mother had one of these contraptions. She never used it. It made a great toy for me though.

I've got more of these old commercials kicking around, but I'll save uploading them for another rainy day.

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Anonymous said...

Christ I lost the bookmark for your website months ago and I have been searching the Internet for DAYS using such terms as "old 50's sex ed records" "discarded commodore 64 diaries" and "singing disk drive". So glad I found you again! So much interesting stuff you have, I love it.