Sunday, August 15, 2010

Video: Vulvas and Fecal Matter

This is a nifty DVD I picked up at the Value Village called "The Sensationalists of the 90s." It's basically a compilation of apparently 'good' films that have been made by people who reside here in Winnipeg. It was still sealed when I bought it. It's really a shame that the person who owned it didn't actually crack it open and watch it. It's got a couple of extremely disturbing videos on it. To think that people in my city are THIS disturbed is actually a bit frightening.

The first video is about a guy who makes a sculpture of a little boy out of his own shit. I'M NOT KIDDING. Why on earth would ANYBODY even think of doing such a thing? I mean, I could see someone making a video about getting drunk and shitting on the hood of their neighbor's car or something, but THIS?

Anyway, it's up on Youtube. The real shame is that this will probably fit in perfectly fine with Youtube's standards for what's acceptable, while the second video would likely be removed. Why this video is called "Rapture" is beyond me. I'd be more inclined to call it "One Flew Over The Poo-Poo Nest"

The second video I'm sharing is a woman dancing and singing while dressed as a giant vulva. I'M NOT KIDDING ABOUT THIS ONE EITHER! Here's a screenshot:

I know this would get removed quite quickly from youtube, so I have provided a download link:

We're Talking Vulva

If you find this video disturbing, don't look at me. You're the one who downloaded it!


Scott Glasgow said...

Man, this is really sick stuff, as an independent filmaker I really take offense to this stuff. What are they trying to say? The first video is basically the story of a psychopathic pedophile. There isn't even a story going on here, no arc, nothing other than pretentious crap (literally).
I didn't even watch the other one but from the idea alone I can't expect anything better than the last one.

One thing I have to say though Ben, up to now I have really been enjoying your blog, your combination of nostalgic artifacts and just crazily bad music and items is hilarious. But I really have a hard time understanding why you put this up, really man, really.

Ben Century said...

Much of what I post here has the potential to offend someone. From "Playful Pussy" to "Christian Death Metal" to "We're Talking Vulva", someone is going to be offended by it.

The fact that it exists is what amuses me and makes me want to share.