Saturday, March 19, 2011

Album: Save The Jets Fundraiser

Back in 1995, my city (Winnipeg) lost their hockey team. As a Canadian, I'm supposed to love hockey, but I fucking hate it. I cared less that we lost our hockey team which practically never won a hockey game EVER. The team was in danger of being sold to Minneapolis and a huge-ass fundraiser was organized to try and raise the money to buy the crappy hockey team and keep them in Winnipeg. I picked this awesome quote from another website: (source here)

The task at hand became to raise $110 million to cover the purchase of the Jets and future losses that the team would incur.

So the fundraiser was to keep a shitty hockey team, and pay for them to lose more games. What a great idea! In my disgust with the media blitz, the fundraiser, and the massive support campaign, I created the greatest compilation album of Winnipeg talent that I could scrounge up and called it the "Save The Jets Fundraiser". The original subtext on the album cover said "Five cents from every donation will be used to help save the Jets."

Recently, there have been a lot of rumors on the radio and the internet that the hockey team is going back up for sale again (probably because they still suck) and the possibility could come up for Winnipeg to re-aquire our beloved (and shitty) hockey team! With this new-found fire for saving the Winnipeg Jets, I've decided to re-release my Save The Jets Fundraiser album with a slightly re-done cover and include some bonus tracks! You've probably already heard a few of these songs featured on this blog already, but now you can get them all (plus more) in one great album! I'll bet you didn't know there was so much more to that public access hurdy gurdy video, did ya?

Track Listing:

01 - Johnny Sizzle - Theme From Johnny Sizzle
02 - Joey Gregorash - I Just Want To Play Hockey
03 - Henrietta & Merna - Go Tell It On The Mountain
04 - Lady With A Puppet - Search My Heart
05 - I'm A Ukrainian Man - Dedication
06 - Duckshot Hunter - If You Were Here
07 - Mental Note - Watcha Gonna Do
08 - The Cosmopolitans - A World Without Love
09 - Box Lunch - The New Song
10 - The Garage People - Lorraine
11 - Canned Peaches - Say Goodbye
12 - Johnny Sizzle - If Satan Was My Lover (bonus track)
13 - Joey Gregorash - Ice Maker (bonus track)
14 - Duckshot Hunter - The Way It Goes (bonus track)
15 - Box Lunch - Eggnog (bonus track)
16 - Sila & The Smoke Frees - Changing Ways (bonus track)
17 - Canned Peaches - Before You Go (bonus track)

You can download the Save The Jets Fundraiser HERE!!!

As a side note, there was an official Jets benefit album released in 1996 (which I own) called "Hockey Rock Winnipeg Style" where famous Winnipeg musicians wrote new lyrics to their classic hits and re-recorded them. The funny thing is there is one common song between the official version and mine (I Just Want To Play Hockey by Joey Gregorash - different version though). The proceeds from the album went to "Winnipeg Jets Goals For Kids", whatever the hell that was. Take my word for it, the official album is WORSE than the one I put together.

So in conclusion, if you feel the urge to donate to the "Save The Jets" campaign, I'm not opposed to receiving these donations. I promise I'll put them toward a project just as shitty as saving a crappy hockey team (like buying more stupid junk at thrift stores to entertain those of you who read this blog.) Go Jets Go!


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its clear you do not know much about hockey, or even care to. Get with the times, team is back, take down the page. you are making yourself look like an idiot. Do you even live in Manitoba?

Ben Century said...

I'm really sorry for offending you. When I get some time, I'll take the page down and then go learn all I can about hockey.

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Please upload more old Johnny Sizzle music.

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michael hansen

Ben Century said...

I'm aware of the Tru TV appearance. I had to give them permission to use the video on their show :)