Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Three Strange Albums

Before we get into this blog entry, let's play a little guessing game.

Question #1: Which one of the following songs is off a Children's album?

I'm Fat
My Friend Is A Cow
Let's Get Fat

Question #2: Same question, different list..

My Pencil's Trying To Kill Me
Baby In A Body Bag
Undersized Overpants

The answers will be given at the end of this blog entry.

Anyway, here's three very strange looking albums I've purchased over the last few months. Since I've had a bit of time on my hands, all three of these albums are available for download! (Don't expect this to be a regular thing, I just happened to have the time to do it.)

Trouser Mouth - Steel Urinal! Pass The Puck!

I bought this album still sealed from a thrift store. After reading the song titles (Nut Sac Out, Touch Yer Bum) I thought it was going to be one of the shittiest albums I've ever heard. Surprisingly, it's quite the opposite. These are fantastic (and short) punk rock songs. The band is tight and the songs are catchy as hell! If you like Punk Rock, you'll enjoy the shit out of this album.

Listen to "Green Drip"

Download link removed by request of the band, but you can get their albums by visiting their website.

Bob King & Friends - The Giant Hot Dog That Ate Regina

Personally, I would've been more impressed if the album was called "The Vagina That Ate A Giant Hot Dog". But if it were called that, I suppose parents would be up in arms over the title since this is a children's album. Not only that, it's a shitty children's album.

I think there's two or three songs on here about eating moldy food, and the rest is just "positive lyrical content for our younger generation" which we all know does NOT make for an interesting and fun album. Take for example the song "Rock & Roll Teachers". Sounds like something off a crappy Meat Loaf album. Don't believe me? Click here and listen to the damn thing. Kids would rather hear songs about their teachers having their pants fall down or having homework. NOBODY wants to hear about their teachers Rockin' and Rollin'. NOT COOL.

Sorry, but I made this available for download too :(

Mr. Plow - It's Plow Or Never

This unoriginal bastard stole his name from a Simpsons episode. The songs all sound like they were written by an immature 16 year old boy, although I think "Bukkake Night In Canada" would make a fine National Anthem. I'll give Mr. Plow credit though, the album definitely held my attention with songs such as "I Like Your Tits" and "Golden Shower Girl". I anticipated finding out what stupid lyrics he could come up with on the next song.

Listen to the ever-so-fun song "Donkey"

Download the album and feel 16 years old again.

And now, the answers to the quiz from earlier. The songs from the children's album "The Giant Hotdog That Ate Regina" are highlighted:

I'm Fat
*My Friend Is A Cow*
Let's Get Fat

*My Pencil's Trying To Kill Me*
Baby In A Body Bag
Undersized Overpants

Yup, that album is pretty fucking sad.

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