Friday, March 23, 2012

Musical Easter Basket

For Easter, I was thinking of writing a Jesus-themed blog entry. However, I've written many Jesus-themed blog entries over the last five years, so another one wouldn't make a fuck of difference.

Instead, I'm featuring a cassette I found last week in the thrift store called the Musical Easter Basket. It seems to be a dumbed down version of this album.

This came from some crappy little Canadian company called "Mr. Cassette". I love how the front of the package says "Long Playing Cassette". It only has six songs on it, and they're repeated on each side. It doesn't play for very long! It's pure torture if you have Auto-Reverse like I do. In the time it took to write this blog entry, I heard these crummy songs three times.

On the back of the package, they list two other Easter cassettes you can buy, which I'm guessing contain the rest of the album in the link above. The original price tag on it was $3.97 and its copyright year is 1987. Back in my day, we used to be able to buy three GENUINE long playing cassettes in a bag for $2.99. There wasn't anything on them but tape hiss, but they played for an hour and a half each. And the cheaply glued-on labels fell off after about a year.

The songs sound like they were recorded in 1951. I didn't think the Easter Bunny existed before 1951, but what do I know? For me, Easter only consisted of watching people pass around crackers and wine in a Kingdom Hall which nobody ate. Occasionally, one rebel would make a feast out of Jesus' flesh and blood and the entire place would light up with whispering on how evil that person was.

I'm not making this shit up!

Anyway, I've picked the worst song on the tape to blacken up your celebration. It's not really much of a song, but a story with bad voice acting. So curl up with your chocolate bunny and feel it melt from the warmth of your embrace while you listen to "Pee Wee the Bunny"

Download it here!

...and I'm still trying to get my recent Junq tour entries up. Lots to go through but the weather has warmed up and I've got stuff to do around the house, so it may take some time.

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