Thursday, August 11, 2016

Garage Sale Finds (July 9, 2016)

I figured I'd do something a bit different this time around. I figured I'd post about all the stuff I found on one day of cruising garage sales. This was a particularly eventful day, but I'm going to focus on things I found at three different locations.

Cassette of Parent with Babies

This guy was selling a whole bunch of cassettes, and I ended up buying four of them. One was full of useless crap, two are going to be saved for future entries, so this is the only one left.

The guy was very desperate to get rid of his cassettes. He showed me a box of them and told me I could have them for five dollars without even going through them. I denied him the privelege of unloading this pile of tapes on me to save my five dollars, and that ended up being a mistake in the end. He had some of his old Hi8 Video Cassettes of home movies in there! I pointed them out while going through the box. I should've just loaded them in my hand an paid him 25 cents each, but I didn't. Perhaps I felt a bit guilty of buying his home videos to put on Youtube. See! I do have a conscience sometimes!

Anyway, here's a recording of him enjoying time with his new born children. This was recorded sometime in the mid-1980s.


At a different garage sale there was a couple selling some fairly old items. I had the opportunity to buy an old accordian for $30, but I turned it down. Instead, I bought a few other stupid items... Like these satanic easter bunnies!

These satanic bunnies are standing in real, hand-decorated eggs. The bunnies are unfortunately missing their stabbing knives.

I also came across these two small plastic televisions:

So, what's the purpose of these? Well, they're just like Viewmasters! You know, those binocular-looking things you put discs into. However, these were custom-made by a company called "Plastiskop" who made them out of someone's photographs. When I Googled the company, I was shocked and excited to find that they still existed, and they still make these little Viewmaster TVs!

Click here to get your own made!

The ones I have date back around 1970. I wanted to post the pictures of the Winnipeg one (I could care less what Vierzehnheiligen looked like back then). But how does one go about posting the pictures inside? Well, it's simple...

First you take the cover off the back...

Then you throw the disc on your slide scanner, and voila! You get pictures!

Here's one of the Paddlewheel Queen which I talked about in the last entry:

The pictures aren't as clear as when you look at them through the eyepiece, but that's probably a limitation of the scanner. Still, I think they turned out pretty good. The frames look slightly larger than a frame of a Super8 film.

Anyway, if you love old pictures of Winnipeg, then you'll enjoy these. If you don't give a shit about Winnipeg, feel free to move onto the next topic...

Coloring Books

It's time for your favourite activity! Grab your crayons, stick them in your ears, and enjoy looking at these atrocious late-80s coloring pages. You can tell that the 1980s were full of child molesters and children playing with matches instead of tablet computers. I shall keep my comments to myself regarding the individual pages. Trust me, they say plenty!

This particular garage sale was filled with vintage stuff that I enjoyed as a child. However, I ended up purchasing the most laughable things.

In case you're wondering about the two different spellings "Color" and "Colour", one is the Canadian spelling. I don't know which one it is, and I don't really care.

Ronald McDonald's Fire Safety Colouring Book

McDonalds used to pimp the hell out of Ronald and his buddies. Now I barely see him anywhere. This colouring book promises loads of fun!

The ABCs of Growing Up Safely

This book should've been called "The ABCs of Growing Up Paranoid". In case you're wondering, yes it came with the free safety poster. It's not all that exciting, so I didn't post it. The Gargamel sticker on the front just warms my cold, cold heart. Enjoy learning how to be paranoid about child molesters while you color your ass off!

Sorry... I meant color your "parts covered by your underwear" off.

New Kids On The Block Coloring Book

Yeah! Now we're into the good stuff! This is campy as fuck, corny as fuck, and laughable as fuck. It attempts to tell a story about the NKOTB being late for a concert because they were busy helping a hospital raise money. Can they do no wrong??? Perhaps putting out terrible albums was their only sin.

Have a good laugh!

It's been an extremely busy summer, but I have a few (almost) completed entries in queue. They'll eventually get posted as I get time to work on them. Winter is only a few short weeks away, so I'll be busy putting up more stuff.

Until then, enjoy your crayons (hopefully without eating them)

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