Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Kris's Khristmas Karol CDs

The remainder of the Junq Tour entries have been put on hold until the new year because CHRISMAS IS FUCKING HERE! We need to bring joy into your hearts so you can shit it out of your ass. But we'll leave the shit for the next entry because this one is actually kinda neat.

When I came across these CDs at the thrift store, I really had no clue what to think of them. Are they Christmas mix CDs? Collections of pictures? Videos? I honestly had no clue, but they were interesting nonetheless, so I bought them.

Two of these are 2-CD collections, and one is a 3-CD collection. They are plastered with pictures of people I don't know. The text on the inside is quite interesting.

After going through these, I realized that they're just mix CDs of mainly rock music newer than 1995. I didn't bother to listen to them because there really isn't anything unique on them.

However, I'm letting you see the packaging of each CD. A LOT of work went into these, and according to the liner notes, these were made in batches. Neat stuff! I wonder how many ended up in the thrift stores?

2009 Christmas Carols - The Study of Johnanallology

Kris's Khristmas Karols - Rock On

Kris's Khristmas Karols - Unbreakable

Gotta love the uniqueness of these!

But now the fun is over. Stay tuned for your ruined Christmas...

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