Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Records from the Irish Association of Manitoba & Winnipeg

I don't think I've ever done a St. Patrick's day post, but after listening to this shit, it's easy to see why I haven't bothered. Not only that, Irish stuff isn't exactly common around these parts. I suppose I could review some Newfie music since it's basically Irish music anyway, but today we have some genuine stuff so this entry won't be full of Newfie jokes. Sorry. 

I believe I snagged these 45s on one of the Junq Tours and decided to save them for this particular holiday. You may want to go start drinking and then return after you've had a few. It may make these records a bit more palatable.

The Irish Stew

Apparently, there is an Irish association of Manitoba. Now, you'd think it would be located in the town of Killarney which has the big shamrock painted in the middle of it's downtown. Instead, it's located at someone's house in Winnipeg. Heck, there probably isn't even a single Irish person in that house either.

This band covers one of my favourite Metallica songs, and they do a pretty faithful rendition of it. If you've had a few to drink, I doubt you'll be able to tell the difference. On the plus side, you'll have a fun happy time with this one even if you're sober.

Now for side B... If there was ever a drinking song, Jug of Punch is certainly it. I can't understand half of the lyrics, but when you're drunk, the lyrics don't really matter.

Listen to Whiskey in the Jar

Listen to Jug of Punch

The Irish Tavern Singers

They weren't content with just two songs on a 45, so they jammed four songs onto it. If you're half corked, 45 RPM records really aren't a good format to play since you have to flip them over and change them quite often. If you've had too many drinks, you'll probably forget to turn it over or end up playing them in your toaster oven.

This 45 is a bit warped on the edge (probably from a toaster oven), so the song "Come In" has a bit of trouble starting. This one isn't as fun as the last one, but it's unmistakably Irish and the lyrics are easier to understand. Is it me, or are Irish songs not really about anything? They usually have some tongue twisting shit in it that you'll bite your tongue off trying to recite while half pissed.

Listen to Come In

Listen to Bold O'Donahue

Listen to Hannigan's House

Listen to Hills of Connemara

Sounds Irish

Despite the name of this band, this is the least Irish sounding record out of the lot. When I think of Irish music, I think of the accordian and that squeaky flute thing. Instead, we get a banjo and an acoustic guitar. We also get a rendition of Amazing Grace which really isn't an Irish song.

Whoever named this record label "Gringe Records" did a good job. I had no idea what "Gringe" meant, so I looked it up. The Urban Dictionary defines it as "extra cringe, or worse than cringe". Or maybe it's "cringe" said with 12 shots of whiskey in your system.

Listen to Amazing Grace

Listen to The Big Strong Man

Finally, I want to share this kids show that used to air when I was a child. I fucking hated it and it's theme song is the most unprofessional piece of trash I've ever heard. Unfortunately, the Youtube "suitable for kids" category deleted the comments section. It was full of hilarious stories of how the host was an asshole piss tank. He certainly looks like one too.

Now that I got the first ever St. Patrick's Day entry out of the way, I can wait another 14 years to do the next one.


Anonymous said...

The Winnipeg idiot you wrote this is a typical hillbilly local whos understanding of Irish and Celtic music is nil, Sounds Irish was the best of authentic Irish folk music played by professional musicians from Ireland 🇮🇪, i heard of the hillbillies of the Winnipeg Folk Festival, turning them down on some non musical nonsense, the blow ins from the United States 🇺🇸, who started the Winnipeg Farce Festival (Folk), should stick to their hillbilly yodeling and banjo thumping music 🤠.
As a descendant of The O Dálaigh Bardic Poets and Cearbhall Mor O Dálaigh, composer of the air Eileen Aroon, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 🇨🇦 is the arse pit of Celtic music in the world 🌎.🙄

Celt said...

To the Hunkie , Uke Puke who is making Irish jokes, Irish traditional music is the best in the world, only in Winnipeg will you get a Ukranian, writing about Irish music.