Sunday, July 2, 2023

You Deserve an Update

 Figured I'd give you guys an update since I've been gone for a few months. I haven't left this place for dead. I'm still struggling with health issues. I'm exhausted as I type this. I did absolutely nothing yesterday and I woke up exhausted. My arms are tired and sore. My neck and back are usually in pain. Getting around to doing anything is difficult, let alone anything that I need to get done around the house and yard.

All the doctors I've seen so far have been unhelpful. One prescribed me a bunch of exercises. The more I did them, the more I lost the ability to do them. It's like my muscles deteriorate when I use them. Extended periods of taking things easy and doing very little have been the most helpful to me. I actually did see some improvement in my abilities and was ready to get back at tackling last year's Junq Tour. I started doing the exercises the doctor had given me which put me back into constant physical exhaustion. I stopped doing them two weeks ago and haven't recovered from them yet.

I've decided that I will not be going on the Junq Tour this year. I'm not sure if my body can handle two days of constantly getting in and out of a vehicle and walking around stores. Hell, I haven't even finished posting last year's tour!

I'm going to try and make an effort to get back at posting. I really miss it. Some laughter at untalented hacks may be just what the doctor ordered to pick up my spirits. As of late, my mental health is doing a bit better. The exhaustion is the uphill battle now. I still have more doctors appointments and such spread out over the next few MONTHS (hooray for Canada's health care system!) I'm pretty sure I know what I have, but I need the doctors to get off the path of exercise being the solution and look elsewhere for my problem. I had to quit my physically demanding job because all the exercise I was getting from it was absolutely killing me.

So keep staying tuned. I haven't lost my love for reviewing bad albums. I still pick them up when I get a chance to stop at a thrift store. I just need to find a process of tackling the backlog that's going to work for me while my body is struggling. Again, many apologies for my absence. See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hope you start feeling better. Have enjoyed your site for a long time.

Barry the cat said...

I also hope you start getting better and back to normal asap. kind regards and best wishes always.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend Ben,

Get neodymium magnets with a hole in the center, many of them.

Ise them over the pain areas, get and wear copper bracelets and angle brackets, solid copper.

Place magnets in your hat. Also at the base of your brain stem.

Trust me on this, it works.

Then go for a non linear junction scan with full spectrum analyzer analysis by a professional, you will shit yourself

Semiconductors abuse is a fact

Love Fraser and Bobby

Anonymous said...

Stop being so lazy! and get better and shit.
Have you tried jumping jacks or chin-ups? just kidding.
Thoughts n'prayers that you get well soon.

sincerest regards,
- Momar

Vinyl Ukees said...

Reading an article about you. Stay strong and healthy!

Anonymous said...

how many covid jabs? Pureblood asking.

Bim said...

I just read this post. You've described the symptoms of Lyme Disease. I had similar problems start back in 2005. My doctor and I tried to find the problem for 11 years with no luck. In 2016, I read about Kris Kristofferson's health issues and finally being diagnosed with Lyme disease. After looking up the symptoms, I concluded this was the problem. I told my doctor to have me tested. Ten days later ... Bingo. You need to read up on it and get yourself tested. I'd be glad to chat with you and give you more details.

Bim Ingersoll

Masan Alan Morgan said...

at the eeeeeeend of the day
some you win some you don’t

Jay Dewis said...

shut the fuck up masan

Pete Poolkatraz said...

i’m gonna whoop the lot of yaz