Sunday, October 7, 2007

Coming Soon to Classical Gas Emissions...

Just figured I'd give an update about blog posts that I'm currently working on. Here's what you're in store for in the near future:

My Garage Computer
This is an ongoing project of mine which I will post about when I complete it. It's an old Pentium 133 that I use in my garage for a Jukebox. It's got DVD-ROM drives, USB 2.0, a dead floppy controller, and only 40 Megs of RAM, but it's currently packing over 1500 songs!

PC-XT with someone's Journal
I found an old PC-XT in the trash. It's got a 20 Meg hard drive in it, but it came with some interesting reading! I'll be creating two seperate blogs to hold the content that I found on it. I'm currently compiling the mass amount of journal entries, and should be posting it within the next couple of months or so.

8mm Projector Restoration
I finally found myself an old 8mm projector to replace the one that went up in flames with my parents' house. I'll show what I did to restore it, and include an 8mm film of classic cartoons that I'll be putting on youtube.

I've been recovering from a kidney stone which is why I haven't updated in a bit. Don't worry, I won't be making a blog about passing the stone :)

So stay tuned for these updates!


Unknown said...

What nothing about the stone, how the XT project coming along ?

Ben Century said...

The XT project is coming along very nicely. I'll have pics of what I did with it, and I'll be posting the Journal hopefully in the next couple of weeks. There's been a lot of content to sort through and organize, but it's almost all done!

Unknown said...

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