Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat: You've Won a Vacation!

I bought two of these wonderful tape decks at a garage sale for $4 this past summer. They're both Marantz Model PMD221. What attracted me to them isn't the fact that they're high-quality mono tape decks, but the fact that you can plug them right into your phone line and record your telephone conversations.

I've already got my $4 worth out of them, and I'm going to share one of the reasons why.

This evening (October 31, 2007), we recieved a very interesting phone call. We won a trip to Florida! What's interesting is I was talking to a co-worker earlier this week about a site called He had mentioned that he had recently recieved a phone call regarding a "free" vacation from the Ramada travel agency, and he found them on this website.

Well, guess who was offering us this vacation? Yup, you guessed it! Here's the recording of the phone call. I had to edit it for personal information, and also because it was too friggin' long (around 20 minutes). The poor guy. Me and my significant other gave him a *bit* of a hard time.

Listen to: Ramada gets owned!

Ramada at

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