Thursday, November 15, 2007

Prank Caller Learns to Speak

While we're on the subject of recorded phone calls...

A recording like this is typically thought of as "dysfunctional", but for me, this was a break from dysfunction. It was one of those rare moments in my childhood where we had fun as a family.

Way back in 1988, my dad bought a new phone. This wasn't your average phone, it was a speaker-phone! It also stored 13 numbers in memory. This was also in the day before caller ID was invented, so prank phone calls were easy to keep private, and we recieved our fair share of them. This was one of those instances - a prank phone caller who would call and say nothing at the other end. My dad, my mom, my mom's friend Leona, and a 10 year old me amused ourselves by entertaining this caller. The person on the other end didn't speak one word to us, but couldn't contain their laughter! But when my Uncle Bill (who was visiting from Thompson) walked into the house and began talking to the caller, things changed.

Warning: this edited version is over 22 minutes long, but it's definately worth listening to! The original version is around 45 minutes long.

Click Here To Listen!

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