Saturday, January 5, 2008

Used SD Card with Video

Of course, there's a story behind this one. I bought myself a Palm m130 at a second hand store for $4. It was broken, but I got it to work so I'm all happy. Anyway, I wanted an SD card for it so I can put some ebooks and games on it. After seeing the prices of the new ones, I decided to try Cash Converters and see if they had any used ones. I bought myself a nice 512M card for fairly cheap.

When I got it home, I stuck it into my computer (booted in Linux) to make sure there wasn't any goofy software on it (like the USB Flash Drive I bought last summer). There was no software, but there was a bunch of video clips and two pictures!

The first video medley is a bunch of kids acting.... well, like kids. The one singing Batman seemed to be the owner of the Camera (and the SD card that was in it). Is it me, or do these kids' parents have too much money?

The second video is the family at Mt. Rushmore.

There was also a 56 minute video of the camera left running on the dashboard in the car, but the only thing interesting in that video is the good looking woman who pulls into the driveway with her friend. If I get requests for it, I'll post an edited down version of it.

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