Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Worst Album Ever?

I truly enjoy finding albums that are unique, terrible, absolutely horrible, and completely unlistenable. So keeping that in mind, I bring you this:

No, this isn't the worst album ever, but it inspired what would eventually be two of the worst albums ever. Here's the album that made the number one spot on this list of albums that should NOT have been recorded.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

and I quote from the link above...

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to have the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton sing Beatles songs should've been shot in the head, set on fire, cornholed with mallet, and decapitated. Good God, how can you get past this stinking piece of shit?! Not even contributions from Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Jeff Beck and Billy Preston made this "thing" worth listening to.

For my own personal experience of this album, it just goes beyond the shitty covers of Beatles songs. I don't know about everyone else, but my copy is a real fucking winner. I'm wondering if everyone else's copy is this messed up.

The inner sleeves describe the record's sides as Side A, Side B, Side C, and Side D and gives the track listing for each. Here's how my records are laid out:

First Record:
Side A is actually labelled as "Record 2 Side 2" and the track listing is of Side B
Side D is actually labelled as "Record 1 Side 4" with the correct track listing.

Second Record:
Side B is actually labelled as "Record 2 Side 3" and the track listing is of Side C
Side C is AGAIN labelled as "Record 2 Side 2" and the track listing is of Side B

As you can see, finding ANYTHING on this album is a royal pain in the ass with only ONE of the four sides being labelled correctly.

And now, when you didn't think it could get any worse than a bunch of bad Beatles covers, I found this:

The Complete Music from the Movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as Performed by Abbey Road '78 

(download it here!)

The only thing worse than a bunch of famous artists doing bad Beatles covers is... a bunch of NOBODIES doing bad impressions of famous artists doing bad Beatles covers. The only thing I can give credit to this album is the track order is EXACTLY the way it is listed on the back of this 8-track. Yes, this is another great title from the SPRINGBOARD label!

Also, if anybody would like a dozen (or so) sealed copies of this 'thing', let me know and I'll hook you up. SERIOUSLY.

Of course, this blog entry wouldn't be complete without a clip. I give all three versions:

1) The Beatles doing "A Day In The Life"
2) The Bee Gees doing their impression of the Beatles doing "A Day In The Life"
3) A bunch of crappy studio musicians doing their impression of The Bee Gees doing their impression of the Beatles doing "A Day In The Life"

Click here to listen.

Oh yeah, and if you dare, feel free to print this out and attempt to get some crappy merchandise from this abomination (this form was in the LP)

And if you care, here's another comparison of 'When I'm 64', one of the shittier songs on the soundtrack (and fake soundtrack). Click here to listen!

Just as a side note... In searching for one of the links that I included on here, I came across another list of the '50 worst albums ever' and found Duran Duran's "Thank You" in the number one spot (Sgt Pepper Soundtrack made #15). I'm a bit offended by that since I own the album, and thought most of the songs were covered remarkably well, some of them better than the originals. And dare I say that it's actually one of my more favorite albums in my collection. I actually recommend you pick it up. I can also think of 50 other albums that are much worse than "Thank You".


usotsuki said...

"Music from the Movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as performed by Abbey Road '78" on Springboard, eh?

Used to have an LP of that. Not really bad, but it does sound like what it is: a third-rate knockoff of a second-rate knockoff. The version I had only had 10 songs.

Actually trying to find it again!

reverendflash said...

If you're selling copies of that Abbey Road '78 'Sgt. Pepper' album (on 8-track?), I might like to purchase one...if it's not too dear (of course). Like the previous poster, I too used to have a vinyl copy of this with an abridged song list (and a different cover, as well). Bad music is so much cooler than mediocre music.

Ben Century said...

Just figured I'd let you know, I put the whole thing up for downloading. Link is under the album pic!

Steve said...

Robert Stigwood actually got a bunch of the Springboard LPs when unsold copies of the legitimate soundtrack album were returned to RSO. The joke was this - the Sgt. Pepper movie soundtrack album was shipped double platinum, and returned triple platinum! :-D