Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Rock n' Shit Radio

Sorry for the slowness in the updates. Don't worry, I'm not abandoning this blog anytime soon - I love it too much! I just have plenty to do now that summer has arrived.

Me and a friend went surfing garage sales this past weekend. Found some good things - a new shelf to hold our ever-growing DVD collection for $6, an external CD-ROM drive for $1 (which I'll be writing about in the next entry or two), a new toy for my boy, a Commodore 64 1541 floppy drive for $5, but nothing beats this item....


Yes! Now you can rock out while taking a shit, with the Stewart Rock n' Shit radio! You'll enjoy grunting along with Mick Jagger while enduring a bowel movement with this fantastic gizmo! Toilet paper and batteries not included.

I got this radio / toilet paper holder combo for a whole dollar. Too bad it's missing the battery cover, but I could probably make something up. I had to do a bit of repair work on it before I could install it. It needed a new potentiometer (volume control) which unfortunately had the on/off switch built in. I didn't want to actually go out and find a pot like this, so I mounted an on/off switch on the left side and used a pot I pulled out of a broken external fax modem.

It also needed a new battery snap. I take apart dead 9v batteries and save the snaps from them (I have a nice collection) and then solder wires onto them. Voila! A new battery snap!

I may end up modifying this thing with a proper antenna instead of the piece of wire sticking out of the top.

Here's a picture of it mounted in my bathroom:

The only downside is it seems the holder is a bit small for those extra large rolls. I'll probably have to find or make a toilet paper roll extender for it.

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Chris Sobieniak said...

Does a bear crap in the woods?

Apparently Yogi Bear did!