Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some Minor Updates To Keep You Amused...

With summer and all, I've been kinda busy. I just haven't had the time to write in here. I've got lots of projects that haven't really gone anywhere that I'm anxious to write about. Winter's the best time to do it all, because playing in the snow sucks.

More Postage Paid Junkmail

For the past couple of months, I've been getting junk mail from MPs. I think there's an election coming up soon, and our poor MPs need to win over our favor so we vote for them. By the way, it IS free to mail them back. Anyway, I got a piece of mail from a Mr. Jack Layton, whining about how the other guys are assholes and that I should vote for him because he's not an asshole.

I've got news for Mr. Jack Layton: YOU'RE ALL ASSHOLES.

It's your typical BORING horseshit mail you get when there's an election coming up. Instead of telling me how they're going to work for me, they're pointing fingers and telling me why I shouldn't vote for the other guy. Well, they can take their finger and stick it up their ass. This is the EXACT reason why I vote for people who's names I'm generally not familiar with. The Green party is a good example of who I want to vote for. I'm not an environmentalist or anything (I'm actually the complete opposite) but these guys aren't pissing me off with their finger-pointing.

Anyway, here's a scan of the junkmail I filled out and am going to send to Mr. Layton (or whoever the fuck recieves this). Oops! Forgot to put my blog address on there! I'll fix that before I mail it out :)

The IBM PS/1 Gives Us a Show!

You may have noticed that I've added a couple new videos to my youtube. I recently aquired an IBM PS/1 at a yard sale for free. Here's a video I took before I (accidently) blew up the hard drive. This is as good as it gets for these old computers, but I still like the C-64 better.

Other Stuff Still To Come!

I haven't forgotten about the other stuff. I still have to write about my cool garage PC here. It's getting a bit of an update as soon as I complete a few more tiny details. I'm adding some external drives to it, putting in some RAM, and doing up a new conky for it.

I've also found a couple more computers by the curb with interesting stuff on them. I will be setting up at least one new blog to post the content. It's pretty good stuff that I found!

Oh yeah, and I did find myself a Teddy Ruxpin to hack. However, Teddy's in dire need of repair and he's currently in his skeletal form. I'll eventually post some creepy pics of Teddy in pieces.

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