Friday, September 5, 2008

The Corporate Laugh

Many of us have heard it... it's that boisterous, hardy, PHONY fucking bellering, piss-poor excuse for genuine laughter. It is commonly used in business settings, meetings, and wherever the hell else these guys manage to find anything remotely humourous. It's annoying as hell to every employee in the company when there's a tour going through the building.

...Luckily I had a tape recorder that day!

There was a pack of businessmen (about six of them - seven if you include my boss) touring, making that loud HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH sound which echoed throughout the whole goddam building.

If these guys like to laugh, I should have gone up to them and started telling a nice string of "why did the chicken" jokes. Maybe I'll do that after I put in my two-weeks notice.

If you've never heard the corporate laugh, CLICK HERE to listen to it in all of it's sickening glory.

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