Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Company BBQ Email

Over the course of the summer, the company I work for is holding barbecue lunch events to celebrate summer. The company provides the meat, we provide all the other shit. Participation is MANDATORY. So I'm forced to invest money into a barbecue I don't want to participate in. Sounds fair.

Anyway, the September barbecue got postponed until this Friday. Even though summer's long gone by now and the trees are almost bare, we're still celebrating. Anyway, I took the initiative to organize this stupid thing because the company left it up to us to figure it all out.

Two people are not participating because, well, they're out at a site that day. One person might buy a pie from Costco and bring that. The rest of us have to bring salad n' shit.

Now, I don't get to send out corporate emails very often, but I decided to have fun with this one, as I knew I wouldn't offend anybody in our group. Here's the email (BTW, Truc is the only guy without a computer):

...and in case you were wondering, burgers got 3 out of the 4 votes (Truc didn't have a #2 pencil)

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