Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Christmas Gift from Henrietta & Merna

It's that time again, time for me to write a Christmas entry (or two if I have time). You may remember last year when I brought you highlights from the album "Shit Yule" which of course brought joy and suffering to the ears of many. Well, not much has changed this year...

This time around, I'm bringing you another video from my collection of Public Access TV shows. Not sure what this show was called, but a very zealous, enthusiastic Christian lady is wishing all her viewers a Merry Christmas, and is helping us celebrate the birth of Jesus by having Henrietta and Merna sing "Go Tell It On The Mountain". I'm sure Jesus has forgiven these two for causing many to change the channel in search of a non-Christian TV program solely to have their ears relieved of such torture. After all, Jesus understands what torture is like.

Update Dec 22/08:

Ever since I posted this video just over a week ago, it has spread around the internet like a contageous venerial flu and has recieved some nice youtube honors. Here's a handful of my favorite comments posted on various sites & blogs:

Now THIS is the kind of Christmastime enthusiasm I expect from the Bible belt! You GO, girls!

I may convert. But to WHAT?

Reginald Tresilian:
They found Jesus--and are obviously bitter about it.

damn that bass has some FUNK

Most of all though, I'm loving that bitch on the far right. Merna, is it? Though she clearly looks like she's having the time of her life, I sense she would much, MUCH rather be downing whiskey chasers at a frat

The hot little minx on the right would look great chained to a radiator.

Update Dec 28/08

Here's a fun happy remix from Calpernia:


Melain said...

Wow. Now we've ALL suffered as Jesus did. If that's your favorite brand of pain, you'll LOVE the O Holy Night posted on MY blog right now. Check it out! You'll never be the same.

Anonymous said...

Loved the video and shared it with friends! But the last comment---the "chained to a radiator" one---is really disturbing. Could you please consider removing it? Shitty singing is no justification for creepy violent fantasies.

Sarah Jane said...

HA ha! I wonder if Slant-Mouth and Verge-of-Tears have seen this remix of their song.