Saturday, January 10, 2009

Album Review: Charlene Prickett Does Floors

Came home with a stack of junk from the Thrift Store today. As per usual, most of it turned out to be crap (including a kids' Christian tape). But there was one item I picked up solely for nostalgic purposes, and it's worth mentioning here:

Charlene Prickett Does Floors

For those who don't know, Charlene Prickett has (or had) her own exercise show here in Canada, and when I was around seven years old, I used to follow along with it. Thanks to Charlene Prickett, I learned that I can't dance for shit, and probably never will. In her aerobic workout, she had these tricky "step in a box pattern" things and I always managed to fuck them up and do a faceplant into the floor.

I never knew Charlene did floors, nor did I know she did an album about doing floors. ...or at least doing things on the floor. Her voice on this album sounds nothing like what her TV voice did, possibly because she's doing the floors in the recording studio, and we know how they like to slick things up in the recording studio!

The best track on the album (and the only one worth listening to) is the last one on Side A, simply called "Bum". I honestly don't know what the hell kind of position she's in during this song, but it sure gets your imagination going!

Give "Bum" a listen:

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