Friday, February 13, 2009

Mid-Winter Slump

I think I've hit the mid-winter slump. I haven't been out much to thrift stores lately to find new stuff to post about, garage sales are nowhere to be found, and the trash is either scarce of unique goodies, or just all covered in snow. In other words, I'm scrounging my collection of oddball stuff that is blogworthy, and I'm trying to find the time to write about it. Not only that, I've got stuff kicking around here that needs to be either repaired or hacked (glancing over at the dismantled and be-headed Teddy Ruxpin doll) and just don't have the desire (nor time) to go into the cold garage and work on it.

So, welcome to the slump. The camera pics are at least filling in some of the gaps (I still love that car picture!)

The Stephanie blog has been suffering frequent updates because of lack of time, and anticipation for the next new blog that I want to create for more curbside computer goodies (the next one will be freakin' hilarious - I promise!)

I also have a major announcement that I've been holding back regarding something I posted a while back. Some of my friends know what it is, and are in disbelief. Trust me, it's really cool, and I'm going to milk all the publicity I can from it :)

I also want to launch my online webshop full of shitty products that nobody wants, but will purchase anyway. Hey, that's basically what I do to fill this blog with content! And if you don't like the products, at least read the descriptions because they're pretty funny.

So please be patient as we coast over this mid-winter slump, and I'll try finding some more cool stuff to post about.

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