Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Images

I've got a bit of time to kill, so I figured I'd do up a random entry.

When I left my old job, I had to clean out my computer. There was a lot of crap on it that I collected over the past ten years (or however long it was when the last hard drive failed). Anyway, here's some of the oddball images that I found...

Okay, so this one's not so oddball. It's my computer desk at home (when it's somewhat clean). It's a complete disaster right now. Yes, you can make fun of my geeky self for liking anime shit. Well, I like the artwork anyway.

Some chick I was friends with on Myspace drew this lovely portrait of one of her classmates.

I think it's the same chick who took this picture. Cell phone in shitter.

This is a screenshot of the old lab computer where I worked, shortly before I wiped it and made it a pure DOS machine for programming.

And this is an un-altered screenshot of Yahoo News on May 16, 2008. Who says they don't get the facts right?

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