Monday, June 7, 2010

Candid Pics: 10/06/07

Although I've been a bit absent, I've still been snapping some snappy pictures. Here's a nice large batch that I've accumulated over the last little while:

Pedestrian Speed Bump

If you're ever in Winnipeg, be sure to head down to the Home Depot on Regent and crush a few pedestrians with your automobile.

Broom Guy

This guy lives and breathes brooms. He lives in a house on Notre Dame with a picket fence made of brooms (I'll snap a pic when I can). Here's a picture of him taking some of his brooms for a much-needed walk.

Cat In The Hat Journal

Found a Journal in Value Village with the Cat In The Hat on the cover. I couldn't justify buying it for the one page with writing, so I just took a picture of it.

Dog On Car

Don't ask me why. He was just there.

Donkey Milk

I got a free Donkey Milk at the McDonalds in Brandon. I don't know what I did to earn the Donkey Milk, but I learned something new that day... Donkey milk is mighty rich in chocolate.

Shitty Lawn

This lawn is completely covered in turds. The strange thing is none of the turds are squashed. They've all retained their natural rolly log-ular shape.

Shitty Sidewalk

You can tell you're in the cruddiest part of town (Martha Street) when you see human shit on the sidewalk. Looks like the brown paper bag was used to wipe after the guy had his liquid lunch.

Raggedy Ann Mystery

Poor Raggedy Ann seems to be homeless and lonely (or freshly raped)

Tenants of 10 Inkster

10 Inkster is a complex for those who are 65+. It seems that senility is making it's rounds through the building.

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Anonymous said...

lol you muppet the lawn was just aerated