Sunday, April 15, 2012

Satellite Wildfeeds 12/04/15

So I've found myself a new hobby... Searching for wildfeeds on the satellite dish. A wildfeed is basically an unscheduled broadcast which is transmitted to a satellite. Someone waits back on earth to receive the broadcast for whatever purpose they need it for. These feeds can be TV shows, sporting events, or live broadcasts. Mobile news vans use this method extensively when they're reporting live.

I have my dish aimed at SES1 101W because they (used to) have History Channel. Unfortunately, History got nuked and all I'm left with is a couple of Russian stations and the shitty Pentagon channel.

I stumbled across my first wildfeed while I was doing a blind scan out of boredom. When I saw that I had grabbed something interesting, I immediately started recording. Here's what I got:

This stuff is almost as good as public access TV! So lately, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for more unannounced goodies freely transmitting into my living room. Here's my second one:

This guy's hilarious!

There isn't much for interesting wildfeeds on youtube, so I'm hoping I can changed that. I've just won an ebay auction for a satellite dish motor so I'll be able to scan the skies for even more interesting stuff.

I finally have TV worth watching again :)


Chris Sobieniak said...

If only I had one. I remember the stories of wildfeeds from those that did have C-Band dishes back in the day and wished I have had a chance to watch stuff like this from 'em! Probably the best reason to have a dish at all these days.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, get more of these up!

Alex Ryterski said...
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Anonymous said...

On what type of dish did you get this on ? c band or the ku band ? If at all on c band then did you use the regular 90 cm dish or some special dish with mesh ? I lan to buy fta receiver so i was just curious, and thanks for the good work appreciate that,from india.

Ben Century said...

I caught it on KU band with a 34" dish.

Anonymous said...

thanks ben for your quick reply i didnt expect that reply would come so soon,i read it today thanks