Sunday, December 15, 2013

Abandoned Photo Shoot Outtakes

About four years ago, I came across multiple file storage boxes sitting in the back lane, waiting to be picked up by the trash man. Curiosity got to me and I had to see what was in these boxes. I opened one, pulled out an envelope, and discovered that it contained film negatives and proofs.

The boxes belonged to a photo studio, and each envelope contained each client's name, contact info, and some of them even had their credit card numbers on them. I thought it was extremely bizarre that the owner of this now defunct studio just threw these people's personal information and photos into the trash as opposed to shredding them.

There were about 15 boxes in total, but I decided to grab only two of them (perhaps I should have grabbed all of them!) I went through hundreds of photos, selecting only those that I thought were the most interesting. Now let me tell you, trying to decipher an interesting photo from a negative is quite the challenge. If I couldn't figure out what the hell it was, I scanned it anyway and reversed the polarity to see it more clearly. Lots of the pictures were boring, but there were quite a few interesting one in there!

I've been putting off posting these long enough, and I'm finally going to show you the most interesting ones. I still have more to go through, so that will make a nice rainy day project. Here's what I've got for now... Enjoy!

These are photos of an 11 year old girl who was either injured or beaten:

Hilariously bad family photo outtakes:

Old couple kissing (looks like she's laughing) and a picture of someone's feet:

The mandatory "bad mullet" picture (he's touching the other guy's ass) and... well... I won't comment on the second one:

These are my favorite. If you're a long-time reader, you may have seen this hoopy-haired girl on one of my old headers:

I can't believe it took me four years to get those up. It just goes to show how much shit I've got kicking around that I intend on posting.

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