Sunday, March 15, 2015

Band Review: Gravy Train!!!!

I've been a bit absent as of late, but I've been extremely busy trying to refurbish an old TRS-80 Model 3 computer. I'm taking pictures of the things I'm doing to it, and I promise I'll be posting about it once that project is finished. In the meantime...

Sometimes I'll come across something that completely sets off the "What The Fuck" factor, and I'll have to buy it. I ended up buying two albums by a band called 'Gravy Train!!!' and it's easy to see why they caught my eye.

When I'm looking for stuff to blog about, I generally try to stick to my rule of avoiding commercial releases. These albums fall into that gray area that I sometimes allow myself to explore. These two Gravy Train!!!! albums were released on a record label called "Kill Rock Stars". I own one album by another artist on this label (Mary Lou Lord) which I consider a pretty decent release. All in all, it's nice to see a record label take these artists and give them the time of day, even if they're a bit too bizarre.

Gravy Train!!!! - Hello Doctor

Look at all the colors! Look at the ketchup! Look at that big fucking needle! It was hard for me to put this album down, especially after looking at the song titles. You have thrilling songs such as "Titties Bounce", "Kottonmouth BJ", "You Made Me Gay" and "Gutter Butter". The songs largely consist of a drum machine, a lame-ass keyboard, and an occasional guitar. According to the credits, all the lyrics were written by "whatever bitch sings 'em".

This is the better album of the two, and dare I say that I actually kind of enjoyed it. The songs lyrics (which were all enclosed in the CD fold-out) are pretty disgusting and vulgar, but the songs are catchy for the most part. The song 'Mouthfulla Caps' even has a Peter Frampton parody in it!

Check out these rhymes from "You Made Me Gay":

Your cock ain't nothing anyways I'd rather suck a dog off
And I'll just use a cucumber to get my fucking rocks off

That's quality penmanship!

I couldn't help but include two songs here; Double Decker Supreme for how disgusting it is, and Mouthfulla Caps for the sole reason that Peter Frampton sucks.

Listen to Double Decker Supreme
Listen to Mouthfulla Caps

Gravy Train!!!! - Are You Wigglin?

On this album, they replaced a female member (Drunx) with a dude (Junx). I'm guessing that's why the songs suck ass this round. If you hear one song off this album, you've pretty much listened to the entire thing. The lyrics aren't even all that interesting this time either. However, the song titles haven't lost their appeal. Examples are: "I Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Get Rid Of You", "Everybody Do The Thingy" and "Pussy Sauce". There's a Toni Basil parody in "Johnny Makeup", and they couldn't make up their mind how to spell the word "boobs" in the song title "Ghost Bubes" / "Ghost Boobs"

This entire album sounds like a really shitty B-52s rip off.

So if you're gonna buy a Gravy Train album, buy the other one. This one is boring. Nevertheless, I'm including one song so you can hear what the whole album sounds like.

Listen to Pussy Sauce

I have more videos coming your way! I've already pulled some off the VHS tapes, and they're currently waiting for me to edit and format them for streaming. Lots of good stuff coming in the near future!

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Luke said...

I, too, first came across this band several years after they'd split up and naturally developed a brief and entirely motiveless obsession. Seems their live shows were the main attraction, back in the day, and since then Hunx (Seth Bogart) has had the most success with his band Hunx and his Punx. Chunx (the redhead) is now a stand-up comic, Junx (the other guy) still makes music, Drunx and Funx I have no idea. This is them in their heyday: GRAVY