Sunday, August 5, 2018

A Much Needed Update!

You guys deserve an explanation of why there's been little to no activity. There are lots of reasons, so I'll let you into a bit of my personal life (again).

First of all, there's a lot of work to do on my new property. There are four buildings on my property that look like this:

They are salvageable, but they won't be for long if I let them fall into any further disrepair. So my goal over the next little while has been to get these buildings up and functional as proper storage. I'm doing all the work myself.

Second, I picked up a camper for cheap:

It has also needed repair. After much work, it's become functional as a bed on wheels, and we're going to be using it on this year's Junq Tour which is all planned! It came with an 8-track player installed, and I'm hoping I can get that repaired before the tour (which is at the end of this week)

Third, I went to visit my brother for a week. I have a pile of stuff I picked up to blog about, and it's sitting in queue.

Now, as far as the queue goes, I usually try to work on stuff while I'm stuck in the city for work. I had a satellite blogging station set up at my mother's place to get entries accomplished.

A couple of weeks ago, the shit hit the fan with my mother. Now before I go any further with this story, I must explain that my mother is kinda messed up in the head. I mean that. She says and does crazy-ass shit. When I was a teenager, she once accused me of stealing her clip-on earrings and giving them out to the girls at school.

Another thing about my mother is her memory is worse than that of a goldfish. She can forget things she's been told over the span of a few minutes. She had a better time with her memory when my dad was alive reminding her of everything. Since he died, her lack of memory is becoming extremely obvious.

Now for what's happened...

She mentioned that she was going to have some "missionaries" staying with her who would require a desk to work at, so she asked a few weeks back if I could take down my blogging station for a couple of months when the Fall came. However, I ended up tearing it down sooner.

Now let me explain this... My mother doesn't drive (and that's a good thing). Since my dad passed, the driveway at her house has been vacant. She has told me that I can make use of it whenever I need it. So I've been doing that.

Last weekend, she was at a religious convention and I had brought my camper into the city to spend the night in (parked somewhere else obviously). I parked the camper in the driveway because I don't want to be hauling it all over the city while I'm running errands. Now, my mother has seen what my camper looks like, and I let her know that I was going to be doing this.

On my way to go pick up the camper, I received a voicemail from her. After she had returned from her religious convention, she saw the camper in the driveway and became absolutely livid that it was parked there. When I showed up to pick up the camper, she freaked the fuck out on me.

Here is the voicemail she left. Absolute crazy shit.

Since she didn't want me leaving my "junk" at her place, I figured it was best to come back the next day, pack up my blogging station and take it home. I have a nearly completed entry sitting on there, and I have a nearly completed episode of "Tech of the Century" on it as well. Those are now on hold until I can get some time to either transfer them off that computer, or hook it back up and finish those projects.

So here's where everything is sitting right now... I need to start blogging "on the go" when I'm stuck in the city. That requires a laptop, a cassette player, an 8-track player, and a location. I'm likely going to be touring the coffee houses in the city and find one that I like. Before that, I need to find the tape players I need and do any needed repairs to them. That requires even more time.

So that's where everything's sitting at. I'll get entries out whenever I can, but they probably won't be regular until the summer winds down. I'm really sorry everyone. I still enjoy accumulating things to review and write about, but life gets in the way sometimes. If I were to guess, I should be back to making regular entries by August or September.

Life may kick me in the balls once in a while, but I always come back. See you all soon!

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