Friday, November 23, 2007

What The Hell Is That Thing In Your Avatar?

Since I'm waiting for some cool stuff to be ready for my next blog entry (it won't be in my hands until Monday), I figured I'd kill a bit of time. Not sure if anybody's figured it out yet, but that thing in my avatar is a teddy bear. A REALLY OLD teddy bear. The image that you see is what it's face looked like when I put it on my scanner.

Anyway, I'd like you to see the whole teddy bear. Meet Nennie (click to enlarge):

Nennie is approximately 40-50 years old and has gone through about three or four children, including myself. At least, that's to the best of my knowledge. She got her name from the sound she makes when you shake her, as there's a bell sewn into her right ear (nennienennienennie). She is also the only surviving toy from my childhood, and here's the story why:

My significant other had told me about this old, beat up bear that she had when she was a kid. She finally got it back from her dad who was holding it hostage. I looked at it and said, "that's nothing, wait until I show you my old bear!" So, I retrieved it from my parents' house (where all my childhood things were stored). Of course, Nennie was the winner in the "old and beat up" category. A couple of months later, my parents' house burned down, taking all of my other childhood toys with it.

Nennie will not be a toy for my own child. I have retired her from being a toy. She now sits on my dresser, enjoying a well-earned retirement from a long life of being played with.

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Sarah Jane said...

That's a lovely story. How lucky she was that you retrieved her before the fire.