Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another Journal Going Public!

On Thursday, I was finally able to wrap up Agnes's Journal. It took almost 4 months to post 105 entries.

Now, for those of you who have been paying attention, you may have noticed as early as a month ago (if you looked at my favoite books) that I have yet another Journal to put online for your reading pleasure (or displeasure).

The Journal was written by a woman in her mid-20s named Kim. One thing that distinguishes the difference between Agnes and Kim is that I've actually met Kim.

At the time of writing her journal, Kim was a single woman in her 20s. She is also a Jehovah's Witness. I inherited her journal when she gave me her Commodore 64 back in the mid-90s. I was able to extract her journal using a program called The Star Commander:

Kim's spelling is atroucious, her joural is extremely depressing, but her entries are nice and short. Her journal only spans about one year as opposed to Agnes who's journal spanned a total of 8 years.

So now, I bring you Kim's Life Journal. Enjoy!


hugh said...

it's ironic that you misspelled atrocious in terms of her spelling.

hugh said...

however, i am loving this blog. what people leave on their computers is mind-boggling. you should hear the one about the guy that left self-made porn on his work laptop.

Ben Century said...

LOL! The worst part is I can't remember if I did that intentionally or actually made a mistake. Regardless, it's staying in :)

What I'm finding is that women leave all the emotional poetry and journal entries on their computers. Men leave all the porn. That's why I haven't made a blog for a guy's computer..... at least not yet ;)

Anonymous said...

Arrived here trough some video related to 154i.
Read the interesting post about the customized 128d (that guy was mad :-)
and bookmarked your blog.
Than i saw this and i've deleted the bookmark.
Reading someone else's diary is so silly and little.
If you knew the girl you should have advised he and offered to gave her a copy before erasing.
But this seems a bad habit for you, isn't it?