Saturday, November 22, 2008

Answering Machine Tape: July 2001

I Finally finished making the video for this answering machine tape. Here's the story behind it...

On June 24th, 2001, my fiance of almost 4 years decided that she needed to move on with her life. So she left me. I was pretty messed up from the whole thing, and took the week off work.

That Friday, my brother came into town. His exact words were "I know what you need... you need to get drunk and laid!" So we ventured out to the bar. We both got hammered and he ended up helping this girl named Shawna hook up with me. I went along with it mostly because I was lonely and sad.

We went out for three days. During that time, we went and watched the fireworks for Canada day. When I dropped her off that night, she had left her sweater in my truck.

On the third day, I ended up telling her that I wasn't ready for a relationship. She asked if we could still be friends, and I agreed. Now, I talk to my friends maybe once a week. Apparently, once a week wasn't enough for Shawna.

Here's the video, broken into two parts. I've included some of the outgoing messages here which will explain some of the bizarre and hilarious messages I recieved on this tape. I also edited out all the hangups, and there were plenty of them. (Guess who was hanging up.) You'll also get to follow my life for this one-month period, up to the time when I had my phone service disconnected the day before I moved.

Part One:

Part Two:


Anonymous said...

this blog is hilarious and awesome, keep it up man!

Anonymous said...

This girl is clearly mentally ill, but I just don't understand why you didn't just call her and say thanks but no thanks.

Ben Century said...

I told her quite clearly that I didn't want to date her any longer, but apparently my desire to move on wasn't important.

After I had moved and changed my phone number, the phone calls continued.

I had turned women down in the past and they had left me alone, or at the very least continue to be civil with me. This was a VERY different case.

kathi said...

i want to adopt your mother! she is too cute! :)
yea id say shawna was bordering on *stalker* lol thanks for sharing

i love canadian accents :) heheh

Anonymous said...

LOL - Wow, what a psycho hose beast!

There was Super Mario Brothers in the background of your mom's last call - nice touch.

angel_ledezma said...

Great post!This girl does sound mentally ill.I love that the FIDO guy doesn't believe that no one is home!