Friday, May 8, 2009

Educational Surgery Video

Today, I came across around ten surgical videos at the thrift store. All of them looked interesting including the breast cancer one, but I wasn't about to spend $20 to purchase them all since it's likely I'll never watch them. So, I picked the one that seemed the scariest: Surgical Treatment of Carcinoma of the Rectum.

Yes, the Rectum!

The video was somewhat fascinating, although there was no footage of an actual medical procedure. However, there were some nifty diagrams of removing a tumor from an asshole.

The thing that struck me as incredibly strange were the surgeons speaking on this subject. Here's four of them:

They all look like freakin' zombies and each blinked a total of 4 or 5 times during the entire video. But then again, I'd probably be stuck in a state of shock too if I had devoted my life to poking around people's cornholes.

Speaking of poking around cornholes, here's some instruments that will likely give you nightmares (click to enlarge):

The best part about this video wasn't the zombie surgeons, the terminology, nor the graphic diagrams, it was an advertisment at the beginning of the video. If you ever wondered what a commercial directed at surgeons would look like, you're about to find out:

Yes, it's just as bizarre as the four surgeons pictured above!

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