Thursday, December 24, 2009

Three 90s Movies

Today, I bought three classic movies from the 90s. I paid 50 cents each for them. They're The Lion King, Jurassic Park, and Thumbelina. Pretty good find, huh?

You're probably saying "Big deal. My local thrift store is LOADED with these things!" Ah, but there's something very special about these three movies. Let's open the cases....

They're all on the BETA format!

I thought that pre-recorded Betamax videos were pretty much gone by the mid-80s, until I came across these things. They seem to be from another country (perhaps India or Korea.) Either they're official copies that were manufactured in that particular country, or they're really nice quality bootlegs. The inserts are all done on glossy paper - in other words, they were NOT done on a home computer printer. The quality is too high for them to be shitty home-made things.


The spines on the tapes also seem to be professionally made, with the exception of the Thumbelina video which has no labels whatsoever.

A very bizarre find indeed.


Anonymous said...

The spine of Jurassic Park has Arabic text on it.

Kiran Gordhan said...

Doesn't look like Korean, but definitely one of the Southeast Asian languages.

Very cool find, man.

Unknown said...

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