Sunday, January 3, 2010

Middle Finger Man

Back in the early to mid 90s, Ziploc did a series of ads that featured fingers telling you how great Ziploc bags were. In case you don't remember, here's one of the ads:

A few spoofed versions of these ads were aired on the Scruff Connors morning show featuring the middle finger promoting the bags. Here's four of these spoofed commercials. Enjoy!

For freshness you can count on, click here and listen to Middle Finger Man!


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this man! I loved these commercials when I was a kid.

Garion said...

OMG...I have been looking for this stuff for ages! Where did middle finger man come from? Do you have any other "Scruff Conners" commercials? I only say Scruff because HE had them and used them on his morning shows...but I cannot find them anywhere (eg: shoot the dentist sale, or the threesome international coffee, or pepperhead farms,etc.)

Ben Century said...

I've never heard the Shoot the Dentist one, but I'm pretty sure I have the Pepperhead Farms ones and I know I have the international coffees ones. I believe the Chef Perry series is already on my blog somewhere.

I put a lot of effort into recording them when he was on the air, so I have a pretty large collection of them. I'll make a note to get some more up in the near future.