Friday, January 1, 2010

The Unicity Taxi Company

First of all, happy new year! 2010 is full of promises for really good blog entries (at least we hope)

The Unicity Taxi service is one of Winnipeg's finest cab companies. If you were out partying it up last night, perhaps you got a ride home from one of these two goons:

I don't know who's home video this is, but it was left to die in the freezing snow with a bunch of other tapes. This is the video I found along with the 'Lil Dribbler' picture.

This tape is full of very uninteresing footage from multiple camping trips, family gatherings, Christmas, and birthdays. Also on this tape is piss-poor camera work which caused me to view this tape in multiple sittings due to motion-sickness. Having the camera zoomed in and moving it in circles will guarantee to make your audience throw up all over your furniture while watching your latest trip to West Hawk Lake.

I can only guess that this video was taken on Halloween. If not, then I suggest that these two either get therapy, or get deported.

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J. Lahondere said...

Who leaves perfectly good home videos out like this to just die? It's a low-down dirty shame. It's like finding other people's souls.