Sunday, January 24, 2010

The War on Drugs

I owe you guys a couple of blog entries, and I'll be doing another one later this week. Houndbite has been resurrected from the dead, but they didn't give an apology or nothing. I'm still going to think about the benefits of buying my own unlimited webspace. Think about all the useless shitty albums I could put up for downloading!

Anyway, here's one (of two) 15 minute videos I picked up on the subject of why kids shouldn't do drugs. The first one includes some creepy puppets and a hippie puppet. This video is about two kids who got sucked into an arcade vortex and get to meet a guy dressed in a blue body suit, who then gets some video effect guys to turn him into moving psychedelic colors that any stoner would surely enjoy.

The video is aimed at students in grades 5-6, and was produced by Canadian police along with the good people at Shopper's Drug Mart.

Also, check out my new animated splash at the beginning of this video! It took three evenings to program that on my Commodore 128 (in C-64 mode). I'm surprised that I retained most of what I learned about programming in BASIC. It felt really good to do it again.

However, I think I'll keep it at the end of my videos instead of book-ending it like I did for this video. Regardless, enjoy watching the scare tactics and the trippy-looking guy!


Handy said...

i like that spot sooooooo much

Mrks said...

Nice videos!

how to ollie said...

I like your writing style. Nice blog.