Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Video Game: Kentris

Quite a few years ago, I picked up this CD-ROM for five bucks at a used book & CD store (check out the original price - yikes!!!). It's got a ton of old DOS games on it. I was hoping for some text adventures, but I didn't seem to luck out here. However, it did get me on a Commander Keen kick for quite some time.

I put a pile of these games onto my BBS while I was running it. I tried most of them, and came across an extremely weird game called Kentris. It's a Tetris clone written by a guy named.... get this.... KEN! Pretty original, huh?

Kentris is amusing for one reason: the audio. Ken's nasally nerdy voice fills your gameplay with action-packed excitement! Here's a video:

And if you would like to download your very own copy of Kentris, you can visit Ken Silverman's Website. Not only do you get Kentris, but you also get the source code so you can fuck around with it and make the gameplay better!

For those of you without programming abilities, you can replace Ken's audio files with your own and actually make it sound like a REAL game!


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