Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Classical Gas Emissions Clearing House

I've been bitten by the cleaning bug as of late, and I've been clearing the house of some unwanted shit. It's ironic that I got a nifty package from Publisher's Clearing House which included a lovely postage-paid envelope. So I started digging around for shit I could mail them.

I found some kind of bible cassette that's been kicking around here doing nothing. But instead of sending them a message from God, I taped over it with some of the songs I've put on this blog. It starts off with "If Satan Was My Lover", then goes into "I'm Gonna Ride You Like a Donkey" and the rest is just more awful junk.

You wouldn't believe how easy it is to record a cassette when your computer's permanently hooked up to a cassette deck! I just tossed a bunch of shitty songs into a playlist, hit record, and let the thing record until it was done. I've got a deck with Auto-Reverse, so it records on both sides while I do something else.

Then, I decorated the cassette, wrapped it in cardboard, and tossed it in the lovely envelope. Let's hope they enjoy it!

As a side note, I've re-vamped my main computer area. I got rid of the horribly inadequate piece of shit computer desk that I've hated for the last 10 years, and replaced it with a solid wood table I found in the trash, completed by a set of drawers that were once connected to a broken antique desk.

The monstrosity to the right is my 'test' computer which can run pretty much anything. It's useful for plugging in hard drives that I find in other people's computers, playing with viruses, and trying out operating systems.

Anyway, stay tuned for a video that I've been trying to upload onto Youtube for days, but my phone line is scratchy and I'm waiting for the phone service guys to come clear that up. My internet connection is dreadful and unreliable, so nothing will be up until the weekend (or after).

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