Monday, August 1, 2011

Video: The Family Guide to the Internet

I understand that many people out there have absolutely no clue on how to get on the internet. Well luckily, IBM put out a very lovely video (with shit-tastic acting) on how easy it really is to get on the internet!

This video shows the Newbie family learning about the ins and outs of the internet. The fact that these guys have the last name "Newbie" is fucking stupid, and the video covers fast modems, flaming, and Grandpa Newbie's Taffy. I absolutely hate taffy. Grandpa Newbie can suck it.

On the plus side, these guys aren't using Windows to get on the internet. They're using IBM's operating system OS/2. To be honest, I was much happier when all our bank machines were running OS/2. They crashed much less, and they were much faster at reading the bank card and giving us our money. Too bad IBM abandoned OS/2 and left it to die.

So anyway, if you've been having problems getting onto the internet, then this video is for you!

(Apologies for my bad editing. Since I upgraded, I need to use a different video editor that kinda sucks)


Anonymous said...

great! a new update! i love your site, if you made ten updates per day it wouldnt be enough! also, get your butt back to the thrift shops, i love reading about what you find!

Shattered Butterfly said...

"Hi! it's nice to meet another geek"

uuhhh what!? haha
I don't think I can watch it all, I'm dying laughing here.

I cannot take this guy seriously. what is wrong with his eyes? and he's pretty stupid for setting up his laptop by the pool...