Friday, September 2, 2011

X-rated BBS Ads

Here's another computer I scrounged up. It's a cute yet ugly little 386. Yes, I modified the display to show "FU". This computer has Windows 3.1 on it along with many DOS applications, one of which was a .gif image viewer. I used this piece of software to view the many x-rated .gif files that were stored on this computer.

There's quite a few interesting things about this batch of porn I found. First of all, the date stamps are from 1993. Second, the few that have copyright years noted on them are from before 1993. Third, they're all in color. Fourth, they all have BBS ads added into the image (a BBS (Bulletin Board System) was a computer system people could dial into and download files, post messages, and play 'door games' such as "Legend of the Red Dragon", all of which predated the popularity of the Internet). The BBS owners likely put their ads onto these pictures to prevent other BBSes from stealing them for their own, and to help promote their boards.

Computer image scanners didn't really appear until the early-to-mid 90s, and even so, the affordable ones were initially black and white handheld pieces of junk. The people who scanned these images either had a shitload of money to spend on scanning equipment, or they had access to a color image scanner belonging to a professional business.

Even color PC monitors weren't in existence for very long before these images were scanned. I clearly recall using Windows 3.11 on a 286 with a monochrome monitor.

First, the warnings...

And now, feel free to enjoy these nifty-looking BBS ads:

The Dirty Hacker BBS
Electric Blue BBS
The McHenry BBS
Rusty Eddie's BBS
The Taste BBS
Windy City / TomCatPix BBS

If you want to download all of them (like the guy in the comment section), click here!


SB said...
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Matthew Heinrichs said...

Gonna have to pass on The McHenry

Jose Angel said...

Hey how abou sharing ALL the old pics? ;-)

Well, all except all like the mcHenry's you posted. McHenry BBS had lots of nice pics, and you had to select this one, lol!

Ben Century said...

You're lucky I don't throw anything away! You got your wish. Link at the bottom of the entry.

David Rodma said...

Thanks for posting . I collect old anal sex pictures , you can tell me which magazine or pornstar of scan:

MonkeyBoySam said...

Wow! I have a small collection of porn GIFs from copying various relatives' collections from their computers as a kid. It'd be cool to find more!