Monday, April 8, 2013

Unique Playing Cards

I never expected myself to be making a post about playing cards, but here I am doing it. These are great and I just stumbled upon both of these decks by accident.

Gaiety 54 Models Playing Cards - No. 202A

I bought these at one of my favorite thrift stores for a buck. I was talking to the lady there about my blog and how I post unique things. She handed me this deck of cards and they were immediately mine. From the info I found on the internet, they're from 1971.

The clothing and the hairstyles are absolutely atrocious. One noticeable thing about all of these pictures is you don't get to see any bush. Either all these models forgot to trim, or it wasn't socially acceptable in the porn industry at the time to show bush.

I've picked the most interesting ones for you to see. Click on each card to see the uncensored version. In case you're an idiot, these pictures are NSFW. In case you're a complete idiot, NSFW means "not suitable for work". In case you're a fucking vegetable, it means you'll see naked titties when you click on the picture. In case you don't know what naked titties are, then get off the internet, because the internet is full of them.




SERC Playing Cards

Now that we've got ourselves hot and horny, it's time to suck all the fun out of it with these safe-sex-themed playing cards.

SERC stands for "Sexuality Education Resource Center". It shouldn't surprise me that the resource center is located in Brandon, Manitoba. If you've ever been to Brandon, you'll know that it's full of sexually retarded people.

I got these in a box of free stuff. The phrase on the card is the same for each rank, so I've only posted one of each.


The joker has nothing interesting on it. That's because there's NO JOKING about having safe sex! Wow, with a great catch-phrase like that, I'll bet the Sexuality Education Resource Center would hire me in a snatch!

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