Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Entry for a Song Writing Contest

Someone posted a song writing contest on Facebook, so I decided to enter. Here's the criteria for the song:

We’re looking for original songs that lyrically not only enlighten us about young people’s issues, but also inspire and challenge us to make things better. Musically (if you’re choosing to send a musical performance too), the song can really take any form, from rap to classical to country and everything in between. So go ahead and make it your mission to move us – evoke tears, joy, laughter, sorrow, make us think – through your words, melodies, or both!
So I went to work and created something that I thought was at least worthy of competing in a contest. The result of my creation bears the title "You Can't Solve These Problems (With Just a Song)" which I think is the greatest title out of all the entries in the contest. If by some chance I don't win, I'll at least have another creation under my belt.

Over the next month, the songs are open to public voting (upon registering on the website) and the top ten entries will go through a round of judges. The winner gets to record their song professionally and be in a music video.

So without further ado, here's my entry. Feel free to vote for it!

You Can't Solve These Problems (with just a song)

I had to alter one lyric because they couldn't accept the line "You can't cure disease with a rubber on your dick." I hate censorship.

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