Thursday, June 6, 2013

Polish Postcard Records

I found these in the "45 RPM" section of one of my favorite thrift stores (which is fair because that's the speed they play at). What you're supposed to do is take a trip to Poland, pull one of these off the postcard racks at the souvenir store, not listen to it (because you didn't bring a record player with you to Poland), write some stuff on the back like "Hey buddy! I'm eating sausage and perogies. Wish you were here", put a stamp on it, and throw it in the mailbox.

When it arrives at your buddy's house, he listens to the music that you didn't hear, reads your message, and gets jealous that he had McDonalds for supper instead of sausage and perogies.

You can collect all of them, just like the previous owner did! We have the snot green one, the puke green one, the turquoise one, the orange one, the dark orange one, and the grandma's couch one.

If you've ever put a piece of paper on your turntable and tried to play it, then you get almost the exact same effect as the sound quality of these records. I can't imagine how much worse they sound when they've traveled through the mail from Poland.

The songs are awful and you get two of them on each record. Perhaps you're better off mailing someone a death threat with these.

That being said, I'm sure you're dying to hear a couple of these things...

The Snot Green One
The Orange One

Weren't those great? No? Then you probably hate Polish people. You're mean.


Chris Sobieniak said...

One of Paul McCartney's tunes got released on a picture disc in Poland that way that was a photograph of a cat!

Fluteboy said...

If you haven't seen Techmoan's video on "Pocztówka Dźwiękowa", then do find it here: