Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Family Stuff Tape

Someone recently used one of my audio clips in their podcast (specifically the Nirvana interview with my mom) and it reminded me that I haven't posted anything from my personal collection in quite some time. So, let me introduce a cassette that I created 21 years ago:

There's all kinds of scraps of stuff on here ranging from school concerts to my dad arguing on the phone with my drunken uncle. It's all here, preserved in living mono.

As a child and a teenager, I recorded damn near everything. If I had a video camera, I probably would have recorded even more. However, that didn't happen until I was about 17 years old, and my fascination with recording everything only lasted for about a year after that.

My recording obsession as a teenager got to a point where I had blank cassettes loaded up in various recorders all around the house. I even wired up a concealed microphone in the kitchen to record various stuff my parents said and argued about. Some of the more funny moments were preserved on the "Family Stuff" tape. My mother eventually found the microphone and angrily ripped it off the wires.

When I was about 13 years old, I hacked an old answering machine and modified it to play regular cassettes over the phone line. I also hacked it to be a telephone recorder. It gave birth to a whole new dimension of recording things, and I recorded a LOT of things. I have cassettes full of conversations with girls I had crushes on, prank phone calls me and my best friend made, and of course conversations my parents had with other people.

I'm bringing you one of the more interesting and funny moments from the Family Stuff tape. Most of it is clips of my mother conversing with her screwball friend Kim (you can read her journal here.) There's one collection of snippets here where I added my own stupid commentary. I think I was about 14 years at the time.

Anyway, enjoy the sample of the Family Stuff tape.

Listen to it here!

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AmI obnoxious?Can you check and see if he is off the phone?
Priceless. friggan priceless.