Sunday, April 5, 2015

Found Foot Videos

I recently found a couple of laptops. One was dead, but this one worked fine although it has Windows Vista installed. I swear that Vista is a hundred times worse than Windows ME was. I've used quite a few Windows ME installs that worked fine, but Vista always seems to be extremely slow and chunky. I upgraded the RAM a bit in this laptop, just so it would run a bit better.

This computer belonged to a woman named Jenny who seems to be into new age stuff and has her own blog. Normally I would post stuff that she's written, but because it's already located elsewhere on the internet, I've decided to leave it alone.

She looks pretty fucking happy for someone who's about to be eaten by a wolf.

The most interesting thing I found on this laptop was FIVE videos about feet. They're cute, but I think five videos qualifies as an obsession or fetish.


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Chris Sobieniak said...

Oh, the things you find in people's hard drives!

Thank you!