Wednesday, February 5, 2020

These Albums Were Bad Ideas

If you're wondering why I don't cover a lot of records on here very often, it's because I do a lot of blogging from a cafe and aside from using a Sound Burger record player (which go for hundreds of dollars on Ebay), there is no good option for a decent quality portable turntable. I've been keeping my eyes out for a cheap Crosley Cruiser that I can hack the shit out of and attach a decent tonearm. I have a pile of "for parts" turntables in the garage which would all make decent donor units, so I've got that part covered. Until I can get a cheap Crosley Cruiser, you're pretty much stuck with piles of cassettes, CDs, and 8-tracks. Anyway, onto today's garbage...

Back in Bluegrass - The Bluegrass Tribute to AC/DC

If you look around Youtube, you're likely to find a version of Thunderstruck being played on a banjo. That version is miles better than the version on here, but that's not to say that this album is all terrible.

Someone must have been drunk as fuck to come up with the idea of doing an entire album of bluegrass AC/DC songs. There'a blurb on the back of the CD that talks about Angus Young a little bit, but the rest of it doesn't make much sense. I think it's trying to justify why this album exists, but it fails miserably.

As for the songs, there's some absolutely enjoyable ones on here that actually kinda work such as Dirty Deeds, Highway To Hell, and Shoot To Thrill. The production on this album is stellar, and I need to give credit to the person twisting the knobs for doing a really good job. However, with the enjoyable ones, there's some on here that are almost unrecognizable such as Hells Bells, Thunderstruck, and You Shook Me All Night Long.. There's also one original song on here which is just a throwaway they tacked onto the end of the CD to show they have some talent other than ripping off AC/DC.

So yeah, half of it is good, the other half is just boring crap that barely sounds like an AC/DC song.

Listen to Shoot to Thrill
Listen to You Shook Me All Night Long

The Singin' TV Guys

They put an apostrophe in the word "Guys" on the spine of the CD because somebody is an uneducated hack.

Anyway, this is an album recorded by two guys who were TV anchors in Arizona. If you're able to read the news off a piece of paper, then you're talented enough to record an album, right? Well, these guys are only talented enough to not be excruciatingly horrible to your ears. They sing a lot of songs here nobody wants to remember and they also have a few original songs that nobody will ever give a damn about. We also get a guest appearance from Christi Paul (who's name is spelled wrong on the back) from Fox News. Yup, just tons of talent on here!

The back side of the cover is autographed because I'm gonna make tons of money selling this on Ebay once these guys are both dead.

Proceeds from this album go to the Arizona Humane Society. In other words, they received about ten bucks from the two guys who recorded this piece of garbage.

Listen to Don't Mess Around With Jim
Listen to Newsroom Blues

Savage & T-Bo's Heavy Metal Kazoo

You know this one is going to be fucking terrible. The problem with this CD is there's more talking and clips from the morning show that these two goofs hosted than there is kazoo music. Ever since Scruff Connors hosted the morning show in Winnipeg, I've never been able to enjoy any morning show hosted by anybody. Too many morning show hosts either try too hard to be funny, or don't put any effort into being entertaining. These guys are no exception and I found them to be boring as hell. All they have left to entertain me is the kazoo songs, and there's very little of that here.

So what are the highlights? Well, The Final Countdown actually works pretty well, but that's where the good ends. Whatever else there is for kazoo songs will drive you up the fucking wall. On the plus side, the proceeds from this piece of shit go toward research and recovery for prostate cancer. In other words, the Canadian Cancer Society received about ten bucks as well.

Listen to Dirty Deeds
Listen to Walk This Way

I've decided that I want to review all the record stores in Winnipeg. I'll be rating them on their appearance, prices, and my ability to find at least one good album and one shitty one. Winnipeg has some really good record stores along with a few terrible ones, so I hope you'll enjoy that. I've already done one, so all I need to do is get the entry together for your enjoyment. Stay tuned!

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