Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Modern Computer

I'm addicted to owning ancient computer books. I've been addicted to them ever since they were new. With the exception of larger storage space, more RAM and faster speeds, the basic parts of a computer haven't changed all that much. Below are some scans from these old computer books, telling you about the main components of the computer you're using right now. Enjoy the pictures, the descriptions, and yes, the prices of computer hardware of yesteryear! This blog entry is a bit graphic intensive, so click read more to see the rest of the images.

Full Computer System: more...







Hard Drive:




Sound Card:


1 - 1986 Computer Buying Guide (Signet, 1986)
2 - An Introduction to Personal and Business Computers (Rodnay Zaks, 1978)
3 - The New Penny Computer Hardware & Software Magalog (Vol.8, Summer 1988)
4 - Introduction to Computers and Data Processing (Shelly & Cashman, 1980)
5 - Computers and Man (Richard C. Dorf, 1974)
6 - Understanding Computers and Data Processing (Charles S. Parker, 1987)


Henry Birdseye said...

This is fantastic. I remember Hollerith cards on an IBM/360, and my Vector Graphic had 56K of memory.

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Sofia Jas said...
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