Monday, June 20, 2011

Found: Unusual Photo Album

While I was at a church garage sale last weekend, I came across a pile of books. Included in the pile was a photo album. Now, every time I see a photo album at a thrift store or yard sale, I check to see if anyone has left their photos inside.

A-ha! But wait... At my first glance, I noticed there was something VERY unusual about these photos. I quickly closed it, and after browsing some other items, I took it to the counter so I could purchase it. The lady at the counter didn't see a price on the album, so she started opening the cover, trying to find a price. I was thinking "PLEASE don't see the pictures!!!" If she would have found them and removed them, this would be a no-sale.

After finding nothing, she quoted me a price of two dollars. I gave my uninterested 'yucky price' face, and she said "okay, how about a dollar?" Happily, I gave her one dollar for the photo album.

After getting into the truck, I examined the photos. Here's what I got...

Judging from the two pictures that were taken from the deck of a boat, it appears that this was some sort of gay cruise. Not something you expect to find at a church garage sale.

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Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!